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Commercial Water Treatment Training and education

We’ve built Bond Water Technologies with the belief that client education and ongoing Bond representative training are both essential to company growth and long-lasting, mutually rewarding client relationships.

Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Education Bond is committed to making sure each of our team members, through on-going education, has the latest knowledge and information on commercial and industrial water treatment products and solutions.  We then train each team member to show you how your water treatment program works. At a minimum, we make sure that you and your staff understand the basic chemistry behind your water treatment program.

We believe that client education and ongoing Bond representative training are critical to the success of our partnership with our clients. This focus on education and training sets us apart from our competition. These elements are important parts of Bond’s client commitment, company philosophy, and we believe these are a big reason for our sustained growth over the years.

If you are a current client and need help with any of our training programs listed here, please ask your representative and we will build a custom plan for you.

If you are not a current client and you are thinking about switching to a new water treatment provider, please contact us to see how we can build a custom water treatment to meet your needs. You can reach us by calling 301-721-2663 or clicking here.

Below are some of our training and educational offerings:

  • On-site seminars and off-site seminars. Our seminars cover the principles of water treatment.
  • Treatment chemicals used in modern facilities and plants
  • Chemical feeding equipment
  • Legionella and Legionella testing protocols
  • Webinars for training you and your team
  • Interactive website content and information
  • Email newsletters sent to your inbox to keep you up to date with the latest in products, technology, and water treatment news. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER
  • Training, on each, and every service visit, from a Bond representative
  • Technical presentations
  • Guest speakers at our Bond-sponsored seminars
  • Technical papers presented on our website
  • YouTube demonstrations and how to videos


Contact us today to learn how we can customize a water treatment educational program for you and your facility.

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